I am a young working professional, who is a support engineer at Microsoft. I grew up here in North Dakota for over 15 years. I am used to the cold winter months and the hot summer months. I recently graduated from Valley City State University several months ago in Computer Information Systems in May 2018. I recently started working at Microsoft several months back after graduation from VCSU.

Vision: Life is about making life long impacts on people through meekness and humbleness from a leadership perspective. Incorporating servant-style leadership and humbleness, I envision to be a unique individual with technical expertise in both the cloud solutions and bringing people together from a human aspect.


  • To Foster and empower individuals to be the best individuals that they can be through the power of caring, empathy, leadership, assertiveness and with humility.
  • To continue to gain experiences in both technical background in cloud computing and human relationship centered operations through mentorship and training.
  • To take steps in providing proven leadership guidance, expertise in technology, and wisdom to my colleagues, coworkers, friends, and family.
  • To gain necessary knowledge and experiences in both leadership and technical aspects of my current support engineer role.

Characteristics: People say that I have a unique way of solving issues. They say that I simplify steps in finding best solutions to any given problems. They also say that I enjoy working on providing step by step easy-to-understand instructions for my fellow customers. People say that I have wisdom, patience, kindness, caring, and self-drive leader.